Screw the children of the USA, Bush needs 50 billion for his war

Of course I should have seen it from the beginning George W Bush needs all of our money for the war in Iraq. Yes don’t you see 50 Billion on top of about $460 billion and $147 billion in supplemental war spending, it’s needed for the NeoCon tirade, screw the population of the USA. Oil and military bases that is what you need, don’t you see the logic? It’s so cheap only $3 billion a week is needed to fight this unwarranted war that was and is being fought for no Good Reason.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program only needs a paltry $35 billion for funding over the next 5 years. You must see that George W needs the money to Kill Innocent Irag citizens it is the only way, Screw the children, this war must go on! and on and on!!! Yes, Yes, these young children must Die so that George W can build military bases and Oil platforms, this is what you and all the citizens of America truly need. Please don’t worry the US government will only look out for your best interests. Money has nothing to do with it, please continue to live your lives as brain dead beings doing and saying what the Fatherland wishes of you.


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