Ahmadinejad speaks and the West unwittingly strengthens his hand

Today the citizens of the USA did a service for the President of Iran by berating him in public the likes of which no US government official would ever allow. The real power in Iran is the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, whose role combines civil and religious authority. Ahmadinejad is only the President; he is not the head of state or the commander in chief.

By making President Ahmadinejad out to be a demon real or imagined will only elevate his status in Iran and across the Middle East. This at a time when he was being marginalized in the region for his ineffective governess. If the dialogue at Columbia University had been more diplomatic and followed civilized political discourse the US would have been better served in this instance. Yes he danced around the inquiries made to him, just like our government officials do on the Sunday morning talk shows.

Rest assured that I do not condone or adhere to his view that the holocaust never occurred. I also do not condone the persecution of the Jewish state or discrimination against women or those of differing sexual orientations from whatever country they call their own.

Do try to remember that the CIA toppled the Iranian government and put the Shah of Iran in power for twenty five years as our puppet. Also remember that the US supplied Sadam Hussein with war materials in his war against Iran. This eight year war claimed the lives of over one half million Iranian citizens (1980-1988). The casualties of the current conflict in Iraq have yet to be determined. How might you feel if you were of Middle Eastern or Iranian descent and this was your history?

Yes the Iranian President’s diatribes and ravings raise many questions about his character. However I do submit that by treating this man in such a manner will only strengthen his hand and destroy the possibility of having meaningful relations with Iran and will further erode the US standing in the Middle East.

I for one do not wish to see more US soldiers dying in another needless war. Nor do I wish to have blood on my hands for all of the innocent beings who would die if another war takes place.


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