Afghanistan & Iraq Lost almost a Trillion dollars spent, when will you wake up?

On the cover of an American magazine with the title “Losing Afghanistan” to be released October 2, 2007, the truth of this lost war is relayed. Of course this is the European cover in the USA a different cover will be released about the pictures taken of an American actor’s daughter and the life of the photographer. There is no need to tell the citizens of the USA the truth, just feed them trivial news that’s all they need.

The most recent invasion by the USA of this country occurred on October 7, 2001 ostensibly because of the events of the 911 tragedy. This was the beginning of the, “War on Terrorism” as it was called by George Bush.

This so called war has been less than successful as there has been a considerable resurgence of the Taliban and al-Qaeda’s freedom fighters as they are called. This along with the fact that the drug trade is flourishing and the drug dealers are backing the winner’s of this conflict you guessed it the Taliban. Roughly 6000 military deaths and 7300 civilians have lost their lives in the latest debacle brought on by the USA. The deaths for those fighting against the US in this conflict are thought to be between 15 to 30 thousand.

You see we never came close to finishing up or were even winning this conflict in Afghanistan before we mistakenly invaded another country Iraq. The USA has not and will not ever win in Afghanistan, as of this date they only control in and around Kabul. In November of 2006, the U.N. Security Council warned that Afghanistan may become a failed state due to increased Taliban violence, growing illegal drug production, and fragile State institutions. Afghanistan is the world’s largest opium producer and is producing 90% of the world’s opium, which is processed into heroin to be sold in Russia and Europe.

Why is the drug trade flourishing and why can’t the US seem to stop this proliferation in the drug trade. It is reported that many top officials in the Karzi (Afghan government) are drug traffickers, this may be a good reason and I for one believe its validity. It is also reported that 52% of this nation’s GDP which amounts to $2.7 Billion annually is produced by the drug lords in Afghanistan.

This so-called war has so far produced nothing tangible other then a hatred for the west, primarily the USA across the Middle East and these feelings will not eradicated by any means that would be introduced by any country. This failure of course will breed more Islamic extremists willing to blow themselves for Allah and they will target US interests at home and abroad as well. AFGHANISTAN LOST is the only conclusion which can be brought to the light of day.


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