Europeans angry after Bush climate speech ‘charade’

Mr. Bush’s failure once again to commit to binding action on climate change.

US isolated President claims he can lead world on emissions

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The USA thanks to George Bush was in an isolated position at the special conference on climate change. The European ministers, diplomats and officials in attendance found to their dismay that the US called the conference for nothing more than window dressing.

It was clear to all in attendance which also included China, India, Germany, France and the United Kingdom that President Bush has No intention of making any progress on global warming.

Even China and India two of the biggest polluters could not believe what they were hearing. They along with the rest of the delegates favor binding measures, although they did disagree on how to implement the measures needed. Only the USA wishes to be an isolationist in regards to global warming as George Bush followed the predicted path as many had foretold.

This meeting was now seen as predicted as a preemptive strike at the major UN talks on global warming in Bali to be held in December. With the USA diminishing and attempting to destroy any meaningful dialogue that might have been accomplished. The USA is now seen by all of the other industrialized nations as a country isolated in its views on global warming with no intention of implementing any real measures.

The only positive change was that George Bush finally realizes that Global Warming is real; he just doesn’t want to do anything about it!

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of California realizes the importance of this issue and has enacted legislation to combat it, while the president of the USA sits by and does nothing.

Mr. Bush stated, “Energy security and climate change are two of the great challenges of our time. The United States takes these challenges seriously.” He also added, “Our guiding principle is clear: we must lead the world to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and we must do it in a way that does not undermine economic growth or prevent nations from delivering greater prosperity.”

But it was there for all of the other industrialized nations to see that his words and his actions or meaningless. He does not now nor will he ever care about the future of the world in which we all live. His only concern is for big oil and his corporate handlers not the people of the USA or the world.


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One Response to Europeans angry after Bush climate speech ‘charade’

  1. bridson says:

    No nation has acted fast enough. Bush simply has the attitudes the rest had three years ago. It makes him that much dumber, along with Australia’s PM, John Howard. I’d be interested to know how the kids of today are going to reacte when they discover they will have to live with extreme, and worsening, weather conditions.

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