A world Arms sale the United States maintains Number #1 for profit or peril?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Again the United States beats the competition and is the leading supplier of weapons to the industrialized nations of the world in 2006 for better or for worse?

The need to increase profits and gain political influence is the end game of these countries supplying the bulk of the world’s arms.

During 2006, the United States has sales agreements to sell $10.3 billion in weapons. Russia was second with $8.1 billion, or 28.1 percent, and Britain was third with $3.1 billion, or 10.8 percent.

In a report produced by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service which is an office of the Library of Congress several observations were made.

  • Russia was found to be the major supplier of weapons to Iran in past years, which included a $700 million deal for surface-to air-missiles in 2005.
  • Furthermore Russia has raised the ire of the Bush administration by signing arms deals with Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela who is critical of the US and has voiced many anti-American statements.

The Russian deal to Mr. Chavez included the sale of two-dozen Su-30 fighter aircraft valued at more than $1 billion, also included were attack and transport helicopters valued at over $700 million. The Russian government has also agreed to build a factory for the manufacture of AK type assault weapons to make both rifles and bullets this deal was worth over $500 million and included many AK type rifles ready for use is so desired.

Still the USA again leads the race with 36% of the sales total.

Pakistan entered into $5.1 billion in agreements to purchase arms this year. That amount in expenditures was followed by India with $3.5 billion and Saudi Arabia with $3.2 billion in deals.

If the developed and developing nations are combined value of arms sales worldwide will reach 40.3 billion in calendar year 2006. But at what price do we place human life as the political powers of the world play their deadly game?


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One Response to A world Arms sale the United States maintains Number #1 for profit or peril?

  1. mlsmit says:

    Thank you for the infromation on the current affairs of arms dealing. I understand your sadness in not being able to call yourself a proud American. We need every discerning voice to speak up as loud as you do in your blog. Keep up the great work! Hearing your voice makes me proud. I am new at wordpress and your blog is my first one to be bookmarked. thanks again. M

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