Middle Eastern Peace Process Summit to occur in November

The countries of the European Union, Russia and the USA as well as the United Nations have agreed to include Saudi Arabia, Syria as well as ten Arab League members to the summit. How kind of them to invite those who would be most affected by the peace talks as they are being called.

The talks are being put forth to find an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, however these talks would not have been necessary if in 1948 the world’s superpowers after World War II had not carved up the Middle East so horribly in the first place for political and economic gains.

Condoleezza Rice stated that the Arab nations are as she calls them “natural invitees” but said they would have to renounce violence. Think of it the United States telling others to renounce violence as they have invaded and are still at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the realm of reality how could anyone take Condoleezza Rice seriously? And how does she have the gall to make such statements with the way the US government is acting in this day and age, especially in the Middle East?

The possibilities for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are extremely questionable. While the process is ostensibly being strongly promoted by the US government the talks in reality will probably not culminate in any agreement in the current state in which the peoples of the world find themselves today.

The talks might have had a better chance if the United States government was standing on a higher moral ground than it is at the present time. The US by continuing its present status in the Middle East is doing nothing more then breeding more hatred for a once proud nation and is diminishing it’s stature in the world at large.

Israel’s recent incursions, bombings and invasions of Lebanon and of course their recent bombing of Syrian assets does not bode well either. Let us not forget the militant wings of Lebanon for their killings and bombing of Israel doesn’t help matters either.

All of the world’s religions preach peace yet all their fundamentalist and extremist segments bring us are wars. The Jewish people versus Allah, the United States religions based upon the Roman Catholic doctrines versus Allah. Please understand I don’t mean to offend the other religions of the US this convention is only for attempted brevity.

Why do the people of this world not practice what they preach, just because you are more powerful and have more resources, does not give you the right to impose your will upon other human beings. I was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition while I do not attend the church I still attempt to live by the doctrines I was taught as many of my fellow American’s do in one way or another. Life should not be about money, power and destroying other beings. It should be about living, loving and leaving a better place for our children.

When will our leaders ever learn this simple lesson?


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One Response to Middle Eastern Peace Process Summit to occur in November

  1. jonolan says:

    A few points:

    1) “the United States religions based upon the Roman Catholic doctrines versus Allah” Actually the US religions are more closely based on various Protestant sects, not Roman Catholic. The conflict is also more rightly described as being against Islam as opposed to Allah(swh)a

    2) To use your rhetoric, what about the Arabs world’s doctrine vs Yahweh? Again more rightly described as the Arab World’s nations vs. the political entity of Israel.

    3) At no point has the US been in a position to broker peace in the Mideast. Our support of Israel has always prevented us from do so except through the threat of force. That is not a method for achieving more than a temporary cease fire.

    Slowdecline’s reply to the comment recieved above:

    In reagards to your first correction from Wiki:

    The History of Protestantism begins with the Reformation That movement began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church and led to the fracturing of Christendom. Many western Christians were troubled by what they saw as false doctrines and malpractices within the Church, particularly involving the teaching and sale of indulgences.

    Reformation occurs: On 31 October 1517, so this point is in question other than the last reference to Allah Versus Islam which could have been worded differently.

    On points 2 and 3, I do agree I could have used different wording although Yahweh and God is just old testament versus new testament wording. I do thank you for your information it is always appreciated, good or bad.

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