The North Korean government has agreed to a nuclear deadline

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

By the end of December Chinese officials have reported that North Korea had agreed to shut down its main nuclear reactor.

The parties involved in the negotiations were China, Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea and the USA. The talks that brought forth the agreement occurred in Beijing last week. Deputy Foreign Minister Wu Dawei of China was the chairman of the talks.

Along with shutting down the main reactor North Korea also agreed to shut down a processing plant that was being used for producing fuel rods. North Korea has also made its intent known that they will give a comprehensive declaration of its nuclear activities. It should also be noted that they have allowed inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) into their country for inspections as well.

The North Korean government made this agreement after they had received diplomatic and economic benefits from various countries involved in the talks. The North Korean government had attempted for years to engage the current US administration to no avail, wasn’t North Korea one of the Evil Empires? However after many disappointments and pressure from foreign governments the USA finally relented to talking with the government they held and probably still do hold in disdain.

Imagine all we had to do was talk with the North Korean’s and help out their country economically and give them some diplomatic clout and talks are now ending in success.

A White House spokesman said in regards to the agreement that it would be, “a major step towards the goal of achieving the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,”

Why does the USA need to have 12,000 nuclear weapons of all types stockpiled and why did the USA refuse to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons in 1999?

Why did negotiations in regards to a legally binding verification protocol for the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) end with the Bush administration in 2001 after rejecting an effort by other signatories to create a protocol for verification, arguing that it could be abused to interfere with legitimate biological research?

As was reported by the US Army Chemical Materials Agency as of 1997 the US government had only destroyed 45% of their chemical weapons. The accumulation at this time held almost 31,100 metric tons of nerve and mustard gas.

If only the US government would be this open to talks on ending the Iraq conflict? One also must ponder why only those nations that the US so desires to have nuclear weapons or are economically or politically beneficial are left alone. Furthermore why does the USA have or need so many nuclear weapons, especially with the recent policies that they have embarked upon in the Middle East with little and questionable restraint.

Why do Pakistan and Israel have nuclear weapons in the volatile Middle East as the former plays both sides of the fence in the Iraq conflict and the latter has shown little restraint in regards to Lebanon and blood thirst for Iran and Iraq. Why is the US government not applying pressure against them to disarm? Perhaps it is because of the fact we need them for the lost conflict in Iraq. Maybe after the USA is done invading Iran they might turn their eyes on Pakistan when they are no longer useful. If Israel ever looses its usefulness will we turn on them as well?

I am getting older now and I fear for the children of this world if the USA continues its present course of action. We are bombarded daily with fears that a rogue entity will acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction; maybe the US government should take a long hard look at how they conduct themselves in the world. I believe that an honest look inside of our government affairs would be one of the most frightening events anyone would ever experience.


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