Bush Administration Lies on Torture, well at least it’s not Unexpected they have no Morals!

Recent documents have come to light that while the Bush Administration stated they would not use torture, they in fact did. Many foreign governments and intelligence agency specialists have also reported that the Torture of prisoners is extremely questionable. The information gathered is of little use as the tortured prisoner will tell the torturer anything they want to stop the pain and suffering.

The Torture techniques include painful physical and psychological methods, which include simulated drowning (water-boarding), frigid temperatures and head slapping to name just a few.

These techniques apparently gained a boost when Alberto Gonzales stepped on board with the Bush Administration. Remember the former Justice Department employee James B. Comey, who believes in upholding the law and resigned rather than being linked to this illegal path the administration was taking.

We must also remember as numerous government officials Lied in various conferences, television programs and Congress about the USA use of Torture on prisoners in violation of numerous national and international laws.

One has to wonder after all these accounts of torture and abuse of prisoners and the violation of their rights it is so easy for Terrorists to recruit new adherents to their cause.

Oh, sorry it’s because of the Bush Administration policies and abuses that we are despised by most Middle Eastern and European citizens, I apologize I should have seen this earlier. Even the citizens of the United States of America are getting sick and tired of being lied to, Iraq brings one of the many lies we have been told so far among many many more!


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