Iraq Continues its Decent into Turmoil as the Turkish Government enters the War

Much to the chagrin of Iraq and George W Bush who started this unwarranted needless killing field known as the Iraq conflict another player has emerged onto the field.

The Turkish parliament has now with it’s blessing given the government permission to launch military operations into Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebels. The government of Turkey stated that no military operations are imminent; however they now reserve the right to enter Iraq and pursue Kurdish rebels at their discretion. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was backed by a vote of 507 votes to 19 by the Turkish parliament.

This decision was in direct defiance of both Iraq and the United States government wishes who pleaded with Turkey to not take any action in the conflict. Mr. Bush stated, “Washington was making it clear to Turkey it is not in their interest to send more troops in… there is a better way to deal with the issue”.

At the heart of this most recent event is the deaths of 13 Turkish soldiers in an ambush blamed on the PKK rebels who have attacked Turkey from within the northern Kurdish region of Iraq.

It is the general consensus that the government of Turkey now expects a response from its allies and neighbors as they have been asking for months with no replies for assistance in battling the issue of the Kurdish PKK rebels.

The now autonomous regional Kurdish government in northern Iraq has voiced it’s warnings to the government of Turkey and stated and attack would in their words be “illegal”. They have also denied providing the PKK with any assistance or materials and have called upon the PKK to cease its attacks against Turkish interests.

The PKK has stated that they will meet force with force and the current chief of the PKK’s executive council, Murat Karayilan, told the Kurdish Hawlati newspaper: “Thousands of PKK guerrillas are on standby to fight Turkish army forces.”

This also comes at a time when relations with Turkey and the United States could become further jeopardized by the passing of a planned vote in the US Congress. The vote is based upon the assumption that the mass killing of Armenians during Ottoman times was an act of genocide, which present day Turkey strongly opposes. While largely a symbolic gesture if the measure is voted upon this could further deteriorate the political climate with Turkey as well as other Middle Eastern concerns.

Again the year of 1948 raises its ugly head as this was the year during which the victors of World War II chopped up and parceled out the Middle East for power, prestige and economic and political gains. Were it not for this meddling controlling mindset present after the war the territorial issues of Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and numerous others would not be here today to plaque the world with wars and mass killings. The so called superpowers thought they knew best and look what has been brought upon this earth because of their greed for power and economic gains.

We now have in present history another country the United States of America under the leadership of George W Bush, inflicting more death and destruction because he knows better. At the Nuremburg Trials the Nazis were held accountable for torturing soldiers and innocent civilians. So is it now okay to torture domestic and foreign nationals all in the name of the war on terror, by what is ostensibly called enhanced interrogation techniques by the USA?

Somehow the laws have now been rewritten to suit the so called war on terror which has caused countless injuries and death to many human beings who inhabit this planet. Outside of this country the citizens of other countries look upon us a nation which condones torture that has lost its moral compass. Is this the way the people of this country want to be remembered by future generations?

Now the Iraq conflict is spiraling further out of control by the entrance of Turkey and our leaders which to invade Iran as well, what the hell is wrong with them have they not learned anything from the past?

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