Breeding Terrorism over 3.1 million Displaced Iraqis Courtesy of the USA

There are over 1.1 million internally displaced Iraq citizens many of them of the Shiite sect. Although the Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is of the Shiite sect he does not seem to be overly concerned with their plight and daily suffering. The number of displaced has grown dramatically since the bombing of the Shiite shrine in Samarra in February 2006.

They have been left to fend for themselves drinking brown polluted water that they have retrieved from local ditches. This ingestion of the local water from ditches as well as the millions of flies increases their probability of incubating a plethora of diseases to add to their plight of suffrage.

The displaced refuges find their abandonment by the Iraqi Prime Minister to be the most appalling aspect of this present situation in which they find themselves. They had envisioned some compassion would come from a member of their Shiite sect, however this has not been the case in regards to President Maliki.

During this time when there are 1.1 million internally displaced the numbers who have fled the war for other countries is placed at over 2 million, most have fled to Jordan or Syria.

The main reason over 3.1 million Iraqis find themselves displaced is primarily blamed on the widespread ethnic sectarian cleansing found throughout the country which has taken place since the US invaded their country.

The government of Iraq has refused to acknowledge the breadth and depth of this plaque cast upon its citizens during the Iraq conflict to this day.

These poor displaced people on the outskirts of various cities and villages are living in squatter compounds which average about 1700 refugees. Even in the United States with our developed infrastructure and medical services we would be hard pressed to deal with so many displaced people and the situation in Iraq is nothing if not catastrophic for the suffering Iraqis.

While many of the displaced are the wretched poor over 20% have been found to be middle class and 5% were formerly classified as wealthy. Now they struggle daily as they move from one refugee camp to another while trying to find food and water to survive.

The question arises why should the people of the United States care about the plight of these refugees and the answer is that we created their current dilemma with our needless unwarranted invasion of their country.

This current plight has further diminished the standing of the United States throughout the Middle East region where the vast majority of the followers of Islam reside. So often our government leaders speak of the War on Terror and how we must eliminate the terrorist strongholds that plaque or nation and the world. We are told how these terrorists wish to harm our country and want to destroy us by any means.

By displacing millions of people and causing them to suffer and die needlessly no matter what their religion may be, you will exponentially increase the probability that the US will be despised by these and other unfortunate recipients of unwarranted suffrage.

I for one feel for the plight of these peoples and hope that their suffering will not last throughout the life that they lead on this planet. The religion or religious following that they belong to will not change the way I feel for these unfortunate people.

By allowing this suffering to continue in Iraq we as a nation cannot be surprised that terrorists will attempt to harm this nation and its interests abroad or within. For we are in fact creating terrorists on a daily basis just as a cook prepares his meals in the kitchen, we are only using different ingredients to breed and spread hatred for this nation around the world.

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