US offer Green Cards to Foreign Nationals if they will risk their lives in Iraq for the Army

Over 30,000 foreign nationals have taken advantage of an offer by the United States Army. If they agree to fight in Iraq they will be given what they have thirsted for US citizenship, that is if they live through their deployment in Iraq.

It has been reported that as of September 11, 2001, 32,500 foreign nationals have been given US citizenship using this method. Furthermore President Bush by way of an executive order issued during July 2002 expanded this method for foreign nationals via legislation. The legislation gives fast track status to those foreign nationals who agree to fight for the Army primarily in Iraq. Since the 2002 initiative over 8000 foreign nationals have signed up to fight for the US military annually in hope of gaining the prized US citizenship.

Of the more than 30,000 new enlistees there are those of Mexican, Portuguese, Latin American and German decent who wish to become American citizens by risking life and limb in a war that is no longer popular in this country. It has been reported that were it not for these foreign nationals willing to give their lives in exchange for citizenship in the grand ole USA, that our countries military would not have been able to come up with enough soldiers currently needed in the conflict in Iraq as they represent 5% of all new recruits.

As the Army recruiters in states like Los Angeles and New York fulfill their recruiting goals the majority of the new enlistees are those seeking this fast track to citizenship. This comes at a time when young Americans are deciding with regularity that they are no longer willing to give their lives in Iraq as soldiers for this country in a foreign conflict with no end in sight. As the younger American youths have elected not to die or become horribly injured or disfigured by the ever-present IED or other destructive tools used in Iraq these foreign nationals have filled the void.

As the leaders of our military are demanding that over 180,000 of our young men and women sign up for war, fewer and fewer are heeding the call and electing not to join the military. Even though the US government is spending $3.2 billion dollars annually on recruiting the youth of this country from our high schools and collages fewer are heeding the call as the US tires of this drawn out conflict with no end in sight.

It is also being reported that the Pentagon wishes to expand this foreign recruitment program by offering United States citizenship to the people of selected countries such as Uganda or the Philippines to fill their needed quotas for cannon fodder in this no longer popular conflict which has already claimed and maimed so many of our young countrymen and women

These new potential recruits are also further enticed to join the military with offers of educational payments as well as signing bonuses, with offers of up to $50,000 for school and $20,000 dollar signing bonuses. As they could never dream of earning this amount of money in their own countries or of ever having the financial resources to pay for an education they are readily signing up for military service.

This is to the dismay of many who speak for the Latino American communities for one as they feel these young men and women are being taken advantage of by a country desperately in need of fresh blood to fight in Iraq. Many of these young people enticed with offers of money and the thought of becoming United States citizens never return alive or if they do they come back they are returning with horrific injuries never to be whole again.

As the conflict in Iraq becomes more and more unpopular where will the United States turn next to find fresh recruits for this military quagmire and how will our government ever be able to explain why so many had to die needlessly.

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One Response to US offer Green Cards to Foreign Nationals if they will risk their lives in Iraq for the Army

  1. elementaryteacher says:

    I think anyone willing to fight to defend America DESERVES citizenship!

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

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