Cheney continues to Beat the Iranian War Drum

In a speech on Sunday at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies Vice President Cheney took some of his time at the podium to escalate the ongoing rhetoric against Iran and its purported goal of making nuclear armaments.

Cheney stated that the leadership of Iran wishes to establish hegemony over the Middle East.

This is of course is against the current administrations goal of being the only one who controls the area via the US hegemony already in place.

He further insinuated that Iran was supplying terrorists with material and recruits so as to continue the destabilization of Iraq and further Iran’s interests in the area. Cheney stated the Iranian government wishes, “to keep Iraq in a state of weakness to ensure Baghdad does not pose a threat to Tehran”.

Also on Thursday a top officer in the U.S. military said the U.S. has the resources to attack Iran if needed, as if we did not have enough wars already claiming young American lives.

This follows the remarks made on Wednesday by President Bush, “I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,”

The President also said that the President of Iran had stated, “”Israel must be wiped off the map”, when this is in fact Not True. What he did say if the President was interested in telling the truth was this, “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”, and he was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic Revolution. He never said map or wipe out, nor did he ever say Israel but in quoting Khomeini he did use the word regime.

Regime is defined as the rules as set down by a political system as well as that governments interactions with society at large. By contrast the United States has one of the oldest regimes still active in the world dating to the ratification of the US Constitution in 1789.

So in essence the President of Iran is calling for change in how Israel conducts itself in the Middle East and as the Israeli government is a pawn of the US we are drawn into his comments, guilt by association. He did in essence call for a change in the Israeli leadership; however he did not say he wanted to Wipe out Israel. He never said anything about the people of Israel or Israel itself, only the Regime occupying Jerusalem.

In our own country when we have elections and we constantly see and hear on television how our country needs a new direction and new leadership. What is so different from our statements than the Iranian President? When we make our cries to vote out the current regime be they Republican or Democratic we to are calling for a regime change.

Cheney also stated, “”We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon,”.

No we cannot allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons even though we don’t seem to have anything to say about Pakistan and its nuclear ambitions or Israel which already has nuclear armaments. So does the United States have nothing to fear from these countries so it’s okay for them to have nuclear bombs? Israel has already shown since its inception that they are ready and willing to go to war or attack another country with regularity.

From the AP:

Israel is looking to a U.S.-India nuclear deal to expand its own ties to suppliers, quietly lobbying for an exemption to non-proliferation rules so it can legally import atomic material, according to documents made available Tuesday to The Associated Press.

The move is sure to raise concerns among Arab nations already considering their neighbor the region’s atomic arms threat. Israel has never publicly acknowledged having nuclear weapons but is generally considered to possess them.

United States Nuclear Facts:

· As of 1999, the U.S. was said to have 12,000 nuclear weapons of all types stockpiled. [16]

· In its Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) declaration for 2003, the U.S. listed 5968 deployed warheads as defined by START rules.

· For 2004, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists listed the U.S. with about 7,000 operational and 3,000 reserve warheads.

· In 2002, the United States and Russia agreed in the SORT treaty to reduce their deployed stockpiles to not more than 2,200 warheads each. In 2003, the US rejected Russian proposals to further reduce both nations’ nuclear stockpiles to 1,500 each.

Yes the United States refused to reduce their Nuclear stockpiles from 2,200 to 1500 even though this would in fact make the world safer for the entire world not just a nation.

But the US government can and will misinterpret and use to their own advantage the mischaracterizations of countries and their leaders that do not follow and comply with our hegemony of their lands. Our leaders don’t care for Iran yet the will allow other countries that fall in line to continue their nuclear ambitions unabated without any unnecessary rhetoric.

Cheney also said, Iran “is a place of unlimited potential … and it has the right to be free of tyranny,” That is if and only if they adhere to the local hegemonic power the United States of America. Didn’t the United States begin with citizens who disdained the world power of the time Great Britain and did we not go to war against tyranny as the hegemonic power of the time tried to control us?

Do I believe that Iraq or any country including the USA should have nuclear weapons? No. But if we are going to try for the foreseeable future to be the world’s policemen why can’t we enforce the laws evenly. Why can we not try to have a constructive dialogue with Iran rather than stoking the fires with harmful rhetoric? We are already engaged in two wars in the Middle East, do we really need a third war to claim more lives just because we think we are the big kid on the block?

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