On Monday President Bush submitted his latest request for the many wars and spy programs

On Monday President Bush submitted his latest request for the many wars and spy programs he has on his plate to the tune of a paltry $46 billion dollars!

This brings the total monetary requests for the annual budget year beginning October 1st to $196.4 billion for the continuing debacles in Iraq, Afghanistan and the departments of State and Defense. The Defense Department will receive $189.3 billion and the State Department will garner $6.9 billion of the requested funding.

The funding for fiscal year 2008 is in addition to the almost $600 billion which has already been approved for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq conflict is already costing US taxpayers $10 billion dollars a month on average.

This in a conflict which has already killed 3,830 US military members and 73,000 Iraqi citizens.

Congress has already stated that they will not act on the spending request until sometime next year although they do expect to provide some funding via interim requests before the 2008 vote on the latest bill.

However Congress has fast tracked funding for the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) so called V-shaped vehicles at a cost of more than $5 billion dollars. This has been a contentious issue between the Republican and Democratic leadership as they have both been demanding the Pentagon do more to protect our troops overseas. These new vehicles have been proven to save lives and neither side wants to be seen as callous towards our troops in theater.

It is believed that Congress will also shortly grant another $11 billion dollars for 7,000 more of these latest transport vehicles being used in Iraq.

Also include in the proposed bill is $724 million for various UN efforts across the world and $106 billion to pay off North Korea to not develop nuclear armaments with $350 million tossed like a bone to Africa to fight their hunger needs.

So it looks like the US wants to spend $800 billion primarily for Afghanistan and more so for Iraq a war we never should have started and has no end in sight. Our country has been mortgaged to death thanks to George W Bush and his war machine and the youth of this country will pay the price for his bloodthirsty needs.

This war is and was about controlling an oil rich country and building permanent military bases on foreign soil just like we did in Saudi Arabia. Hegemony over foreign countries by the United States is our leader’s plans it always has been this without any regard for the lives of our young men and women in arms and harms way. George W Bush will go to sleep tonight in his comfy bed after a full meal and get good nights sleep.

While the youth of today and for the foreseeable future will pay for his mistakes, those eating MRE’s and sleeping in the desert of Iraq already know part of the price.

Returning veterans are already finding out to their dismay that the government doesn’t really care about them after they have been damaged or disfigured in the conflict as the recent military hospital reports shown the callousness of our military’s healthcare system.

When will our congressional leaders wake up and stand up to this tyrant who does as he pleases without regard to life or liberty and rewrites laws that get in his way. We can only hope they will not wait to long for the clock is clicking on us and our children.

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One Response to On Monday President Bush submitted his latest request for the many wars and spy programs

  1. kip says:

    Sorry, but Bush is really starting to piss me off. It seems like every week he belittles Congress into giving him another ten billion or so, to give the troops basic necessities, like body-armor. And if we don’t give him his blood-money, we’re not supporting the troops. What the hell is he doing with all the money we already gave him? How much are Halliburton and Blackwater getting?

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