Disease knows no Socio-Economic boundaries

Disease knows no Socio-Economic boundaries and these diseases will infect anyone regardless of wealth or stature. Diseases only want to infect, grow, mutate, multiply and live on to infect another host without regard to social stature. So for those Americans who say I have mine the hell with the poor, remember that by not addressing the healthcare crisis you or your child may die.There are those well insured Americans who will go to the hospital for a minor surgical procedure only to die days after surgery from a Staph infection. The loved ones left after the tragic death are left to ponder why this happened to them. The patient had been a pillar of the community and was worth millions, had the best insurance money could buy yet still they died. Or that loving couple who tried for years to have a child and were successful only to have the child ripped from their grasp by a minor hospital stay which turned into a nightmare.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in their first ever published estimate there are more than 90,000 potentially deadly “super bug” infections annually in the USA. The reported incidence rate was about 32 invasive infections per 100,000 people which were characterized as astounding by one health care official with the increase partially attributed to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

There are over 46 million uninsured American citizens without access to healthcare, over 9 million children fall into this category. These uninsured often will rely on leftover drugs given to them from well meaning but misguided friends.

These individuals contribute to the growing death and infection rate on a daily basis with statements like this, “Hey Bob you still got that sore throat, let me give you some penicillin pills I have leftover from a prescription the doctor gave me”. These self-medicating yet well intentioned citizens of this country unwittingly play their part by allowing the super bugs to grow stronger and more resistant to the drugs available today. It is quite possibly that these people do have a job, but they don’t have the money for an expensive visit to the doctor or their employer does not offer health insurance. So they take these unused once powerful prescription drugs with the hope of being able to return to work and put food on the table.

Then there are the uneducated or educated yet caring parents who do the right thing and take their children to a doctor who writes prescriptions for powerful antibiotic drugs as though they were giving out candy on Halloween. After a few days of taking the prescription the child says they feel better and complain about having to take those nasty pills and the well intentioned parent obliges. The parent has now contributed to the growth of the super bug crisis by not following the prescribed course of antibiotics. The child becomes the host for a super bug who may or may not infect another child at school. So the bug will live on and only get stronger while infecting other innocent child or family friend.

MRSA or Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus was once only found in healthcare facilities. It is a variation of Staphylococcus aureus, a common bacterium, which has evolved the ability to survive treatment with beta-lactam antibiotics, including penicillin and methicillin. Now MRSA is being found more and more in the illegal drug users of the country. As it is often present in the nasal nares and drug users will often share straws to inhale various drugs it is passed with regularity and ease by casual drug users and addicts alike.

What appears as what is described as a “Spider Bite” by these drug users and their friends is in fact the dreaded disease. Often an innocent friend or companion of in infected patient will come in contact with one of these infections and then become one of those afflicted with the disease. A person can meet that special someone be unaware of their potential love interest’s drug use and even after taking the needed precautions they can still become infected, as they come in contact with the infected site which can present on any part of the body.

The newly infected will complain of what looks like a spider bite that progresses into a puss filled boil which can be quite painful. After infection hopefully this innocent friend, if they are lucky will go to a doctor who is familiar with this ailment. The course of treatment depending on the severity will quite often require hospitalization with an Erythromycin IV drip for a period of 14 days at a cost of $48,824 and the risk of an in-hospital death rate of 11.2%.

One can only hope that the citizens of this country will take these and many other facts into consideration before they show their disdain for the uninsured. A disease does not care about how much money you have or the fancy car you drive. As you look into the loving eyes of your child will your child become a statistic no matter how much money you spend on them?

Who should care about the poor let them starve off and die as Darwin would write only the strong shall survive? But when the diseases proliferate, mutate and grow ever stronger will you or your child or loved one be the next victim?

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