Forget a US green card the European Union wants you to try Blue instead!

The European Union is working on offering “Blue Cards” to entice the needed highly skilled migrants that are so desired for the growth of various members who total 27 nations.

They plan on offering housing and financial benefits as well as guaranteeing at least three times the minimum wage in the country concerned plus health insurance, as this is a requirement for an applicant to apply. Furthermore they will fast track the issuance to those who apply as long as they have a contract for one year’s labor and meet the salary and healthcare requirements.

This is the exact opposite of the United States system where thousands of companies hire illegal immigrants and are given a wink and a nod from the immigration service. The government is not the least bit interested in what wage these migrants receive or how they are housed. Their only goal is to allow, even in violation of US law, for cheap labor to be attainable for agricultural and construction companies so they might exploit these so-called illegal aliens and strengthen their bottom line.

Within 6 months of employment the worker in the EU could have their family members join them even without a permanent residence permit. They would also be treated and have the same benefits as EU nationals now receive including social assistance, pensions and tax benefits, as well as access to public housing.

The envisioned blue card would be valid for up to two years and then with the proper documentation it would be renewed. The program does have a clause for those less than 30yrs of age as they would only be required to be paid at least twice the minimum wage to fulfill the salary requirements.

So rather then talking about building useless fences and hiring countless border agents and I stress talking about. Yes President Bush has talked about and Congress has passed legislation covering the hiring of more border patrol agents, he will never fund the legislation, but he has talked about it, wink nod.

But I digress as 27 nations of the world are really trying to do something about the illegal alien problem and they are offering them better wages and god forbid healthcare. Rather than talking tough as you allow your immigration service to do nothing and sit idly by, that is unless there is a political race occurring at the time. Rather than taking the approach of the United States of America they are really going to do something about this scourge on society.

So hats off to the European Union apparently they do care about the disadvantaged of the world and let’s be truthful they need the skilled labor to they just want to treat them fairly that’s all.

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