Well it has happened Turkey has entered into the Iraq War, thanks George!

It is now being reported that Turkish F-16 planes loaded with bombs have taken action against the Kurdish PKK fighters in the northern Iraqi territories along with Cobra helicopter gun ships. Of course we can thank the world’s largest arms dealer for supplying them with their weaponry; this of course is the United States of America.

This apparently began on Sunday as the Turkish military has taken it upon themselves to attack the Kurdish rebel positions as the Iraqi government and the hegemonic overlord the USA have failed or not wished to be bothered by the complaints by Turkey.

The speaker for the Iraqi Parliament was quoted as saying, “When the Iraqi government becomes capable of controlling Baghdad’s security, then the others can ask us to control the borders,” he also further stated, “this doesn’t absolve us from … a national duty not to serve as a headquarters or to support, in any form, any organization that might harm any neighboring country.” “

Note the operative word that he uses, that when the Iraqi government is capable of controlling and securing its own capital, then they will attempt to control the rest of the country. The United States by the end of the 2008 fiscal year will have poured over $8 billion dollars and to date 3835 young American lives into this unwarranted needless war. Yet this country where we were to spread democracy cannot even secure and make safe its own capital.

So Turkey has taken the next logical step as its citizens have demanded and they will protect their border themselves with and more than likely without US help.

During the recent operations into Iraq to attack the PKK the Turkish military did return to their bases, this after an ambush took the lives of 12 Turkish soldiers. It is also being reported that Turkey has been unleashing artillery bombardments into the Kurdish controlled region of Iraq as recently as Tuesday evening.

Turkey has repeatedly asked the Iraqi and United States governments for help in dealing with the PKK problem as well as calling on help from their Middle Eastern neighbors. However they have now had enough and have stated the large scale military operations are now imminent and that they will accept no cease fire agreements with the rebel fighters.

Also in a developing matter in Iraq the members of the so called official defense force are begin to mass forces to counter any Turkish offensive. This small force will be of little deterrence to the Turkish forces massed close to and on the border of Iraq.

The rebel force known as the Kurdistan Worker’s Party or PKK have drawn them into the conflict and they do not appear as though they are going away empty handed. For to long they have been allowed to train and re-supply in Iraq free from harm and allowed to get their needed rest before their next terrorist attack inside Turkey.

All that the country of Turkey is asking is for someone to stop allowing the rebels the free run of the northern Iraqi regions and that Iraq will capture and extradite these terrorists to Turkey. However their requests have fallen on the deaf ears of Iraq and the United States, whose forces are already stretched to the breaking point.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has made a token gesture stating that all offices belonging to the rebels would be closed within Iraq. He also was quoted as saying that the PKK would not be allowed to operate in Iraq, this while he states he cannot even control the capital Baghdad.

The Turkish government has said, “We need more than words, we said that preventing the PKK from using the Iraqi soil, an end to logistical support and all PKK activities inside Iraq and closing of its camps are needed. We also said its leaders need to be arrested and extradited to Turkey.”

The Turkish foreign minister voiced his opinion that Turkey may impose economic sanctions as Turkey does provide most of the electricity as well as most of the food sold in northern Iraq. However our present history shows us that economic sanctions have a habit of not bringing forth the desired outcome.

The fact that the rebels are holding eight Turkish soldiers hostage is furthering the deterioration of the already heightened tension and anger in Turkey whose citizens are calling for action with louder and louder cries everyday.

Although they have mounted aerial and artillery laden barrages into the northern Iraqi provinces, Turkey at least for today has said they will give the powers to be till early next month to come up with a solution to the crisis.

So the hegemonic power in Iraq, which is the United States of America, has been given a brief reprieve by Turkey in regards to full scale military operations. However if the prior history of the US government is any indication the reprieve will be short lived.

George W Bush has created a nightmare for the United States as well as for the Middle East, as cries to end the war in Iraq call out across the world. As loved ones bury their dead and care for those with horrific injuries doled out by IED’s and other destructive devices and the 3.2 million displaced Iraqi suffer with over 3835 young American soldiers dead when will this carnage ever end?

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