Mexican government to United States Stop selling guns to our drug dealers!

As the United States of American claimed 36% of international arms sales in 2005 to again claim the number one position and have the distinction of being the Worlds largest arms dealer it is no surprise our weapons are being used in Mexican drug wars.

If the soldiers fighting now in Afghanistan and Iraq had a free voice they too would voice their dismay that the bullets, bombs and IED’s used to kill and maim them are of United States manufacture, as these countries are awash in armaments and munitions compliments of the world’s arms dealer.

It has recently been reported that the government of Mexico is growing tired of their drug cartels carrying out assassinations with arms supplied from United States soil. The records of seizures of weapons by the Mexican government are astounding:

Assault rifles

2005 1,959

2006 1,735

2007 3,190


2005 3,156

2006 2,488

2007 3,081

Hand Grenades

2005 44

2006 62

2007 470

Rounds of ammunition

2005 299,498

2006 402,263

2007 552,917

Over 2,000 United States weapons enter Mexico on any given day and they are reported to be responsible for over 4,000 deaths in the last year and a half. In concert with the drug traffickers demands for weapons are corrupt customs officials who earn up to $1 million dollars for some shipments for looking the other way.

Thomas Mangan, a spokesman for the Phoenix bureau of the ATF stated, “You’re looking at the same firepower here on the border that our soldiers are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan”. This should be no surprise to our government as the US sells most of the weaponry used across the world and our enemies in Irag and Afghanistan use these arms against our own forces daily overseas.

The Mexican government does have laws which prohibit the ownership of high powered weapons and it is extremely difficult for citizens to own handguns. As their country is awash with weapons this speaks volumes for the argument that prohibition will not work in any form.

If the United States government would stop its prohibition and lost war on drugs this issue would not have ever come to the surface. Over $60 billion dollars alone are spent annually on our prisons which house many unfortunate souls serving minimum mandatory drug sentences which have proved ineffective at combating the so called drug war.

The United States along with being the world’s largest arms dealer also has the distinction of being the world’s jailer as well with 1 in 136 of its citizens either in prison or awaiting trial. Many of these prisons have been privatized and the need for more inmates to gain profits for corporate entities drives the drug with its disparities in sentencing for young black Americans. Many judges across the country are now refusing to follow the guidelines and others are calling for reform of this patently discriminatory system.

Yet the governments on both sides of this current problem with weaponry filling Mexico are still amazed at the size and scope of the weapons being smuggled into the Mexican countryside.

The Mexican customs authority is being scrutinized by the government as one of the many instruments used to bring arms into the country. Recently a customs official leader in the port town of Altamira was accused of allowing 12 tons of cocaine to enter the country. As recently as August over 163 weapons were seized in Nogales, Mexico which is one of the largest seizures in recent history.

As over 65,000 vehicles and 35,000 pedestrians cross the border daily making the inspectors task of interdiction overwhelming this coupled with corruption of other officials makes the task insurmountable.

As the per capita income of a Mexican citizen was $7,310 dollars in 2005 the allure of making dollars by smuggling arms is proving to be quite troublesome. An AK-47 which will sell anywhere from $200 to $800 dollars in the US will garner four times that amount in Mexico.

The war on drugs is lost and the United States only pours more and more of our tax dollars to fuel the flames. We incarcerate more of our citizens than any other nation in the world. This coupled with the alarming statistic that the United States of America is the world’s largest arms dealer how can we be surprised that our weapons are being used in Mexican drug wars and by the peasants of Mexico in land or range wars.

Over 3,839 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq in a war which it is estimated will cost over $2.4 trillion dollars in recent budget estimates. So many of these brave young American soldiers have been killed because of the fact that Iraq is awash with United States supplied munitions and arms with many returning to United States soil with unimaginable injuries yet still the war drum continues unabated.

Now the government of Mexico is calling out and wondering why their country is now being flooded with arms from the US as well and there is no end in sight.

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