Can George W Bush for once act like the President rather than a spoiled child!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is backing the Iranian government on its nuclear program and said Russia would not allow any military action to be taken by the United States. This dovetails with recent comments made by the Chinese government who are also calling for dialogue rather than Washington ratcheting up its war mongering rhetoric.

Both the Russian and Chinese governments are calling for more good faith negotiations rather than the United States stances which include further economic sanctions and rhetoric reminiscent of the administration before it invaded Iraq.

While the cost of the Iraqi conflict is expected to come in at over $4.2 trillion dollars and without any of the envisioned democratic reforms surfacing now or in the foreseeable future. This is also coupled with a civil war in Iraq as being a distinct possibility, the Russian and Chinese entreaties for good faith negotiations seems the most logical path rather than another war front for the United States.

The Iraqi conflict has already killed more than 3800 American soldiers and 90 thousand Iraqis as well as displacing over 3.2 million Iraqi citizens and is further spiraling out of control with Turkey now entering the conflict.

All that the Turkish government has asked from the United States and Iraq was that they would exert and take some control of the PKK rebels who are launching operations against Turkey from Iraqi soil. The Turkish government was told by the Iraqi Prime Minister that when he is capable of controlling the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, then and only then will he attempt to address the PKK and its terrorist activities.

However neither the US or the Iraqi government has voiced any offers of helping to deal with the problem and the Turkish government must now deal with the problematic guerillas on its own.

As the United States is already mired in two conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq where violence and drug production are only escalating and there is no end in sight, talking with Iran rather then threatening them with war should be the course the United States would want to take for the good of the citizens of their country.

The talk of having a productive dialogue is further strengthened as a logical course of action as the head of the IAEA Mr. ElBaradei has clearly stated that he has no evidence that Iran is seeking an atomic bomb and does not have any ambitions towards building nuclear armaments.

Following an August agreement Iran has begun talks with the IAEA inspectors in Tehran and the Iranian government has agreed to reveal any secrets that the inspectors request on its nuclear activities. These talks and the agreement reached with the IAEA are to be culminated by the end of this year.

Iran is further showing its peaceful intentions by holding fresh talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Tehran as he met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian President is adamant that his country does not have military nuclear ambitions and that the unnecessary non-productive rhetoric from Washington will not stop his country from building nuclear power plants to fulfill their energy needs.

Of course Washington never says a word about Israel and Pakistan having nuclear weapons and we all know how much restraint Israel has shown in using its military to fulfill its needed economic and military goals, sarcasm emphasized.

Yet United States officials are set to meet this week in London to discuss further sanctions against Iran. As the Washington administration is hell bent on bombing Iran the sanctions are from the Iraqi playbook used before the United States invaded Iraq.

There is now growing fears across the world that George W Bush wants to take military action against Iran before the end of his term in January 2009. As Bush often speaks of his religious beliefs and he is of a fundamentalist sect that believes in the end times, this makes their worry much more frightening for the world at large.

Bush recently insinuated that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War Three when the real fear should be of what actions the American President might take instead.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated, “Economic unilateral sanctions … against Iran will not help the continued collective effort,” and that Russia, “stands firmly for the peaceful settlement” of the dispute.

IAEA Director Mohamed ElBaradei will report to the agency’s 35-nation board of governors in mid-November. If Iran has not answered sensitive questions by then, Western powers say they will move to have harsh U.N. sanctions adopted.

In Beijing, a Foreign Ministry spokesman underscored China’s stance that a negotiated settlement was still viable. Like Russia, it has a veto on the Security Council.

Sanctions have not worked in the past in other countries and have often been used by the United States as prelude to military action as it is feared in this current round of threats by the administration.

In North Korea the United States finally bowed to international pressure after calling the North Korea one of the partners in the so-called Axis of Evil. After the administration began a productive dialogue with them and offered them some economic assistance the situation improved dramatically.

So George W Bush should take a page from the North Korean playbook and honestly engage Iran with a more realistic approach and useful talks. Rather than dragging this country into another unwarranted needless war which would bring the already volatile Middle East more bloodshed George should for once in his life do the right thing.

However the future does not look bright for America or the Middle East as all the President cares about is controlling oil fields and building more permanent military installations.

He has little regard and no remorse for all the pain and suffering he has thrust upon so many innocent civilians and honorable United States soldiers. In his deluded mind he is doing Gods work and following the Almighty’s direction our only hope is that he regains his sanity before it is too late.

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