George W Bush and his homegrown Terrorists here and abroad

Diya Muhammad Hussein while not related to the disposed dictator of Iraq does have a common belief which is held by many of his countrymen and that is his desire to rid his country of the American occupiers.

While most sixteen year old children would be interested in school studies and their growing attraction to the opposite sex and the latest video games the teenagers of Iraq have much more dire thoughts on their minds.

After many years of American occupation and death and despair always at the door, hatred for the imperialists who occupy the land is foremost on their minds. After the many thousands of deaths in the quagmire of American design it is only logical that the youth of such a country would be more than willing to kill or be killed to put and end to the occupation.

Rather then learning the latest social studies course Diya has learned the fine art of making homebrew bombs and the art of assassination. As he has seen countless numbers of his country killed, maimed, raped and their livelihoods destroyed his hatred is more than understandable.

With little hope of living a normal life by today’s standards this disturbing trend of teenagers willing to give their lives because of their unrestrained hatred for anything that bears the emblem of the United States of America a new and troubling paradigm has been emerging for some time.

It was a few weeks ago around one o’clock in the morning that Diya retrieved his homemade bomb from the tree where he had hidden it just three days before.

He then traveled to a nearby road and buried it with the utmost care and filled the remote controlled detonator with the needed batteries into a charger made from a car battery, he then hid and waited for his prey to emerge.

It was early in the morning and cold as the teenager remembered when a patrol of US marines approached his location however he could not get the batteries into the remote control fast enough that night as the marine unit passed him by and went off into the night.

The youth of this country are laying the mines and arranging the ambushes to kill the unwanted occupiers of his land. The Iraqi and United States governments call him a terrorist while he calls himself a freedom fighter. He uses guerilla tactics against a superior opponent just as Osama Bin Laden did against the Russian army in Afghanistan.

The United States of America willingly supported Osama and the other guerilla fighters against their then Russian aggressors of that time. Diya himself is nothing more than another failure by a so called superpower in another unwarranted invasion of a country and this time it is called Iraq.

This fruitless invasion for the purported Weapons of Mass Destruction proved to be nothing more than a lie by the Bush Administration hell bent on disposing of a dictator who no longer fell under their thumb of control. When Saddam was useful to American interests he was supplied with biological and conventional weaponry as he was used as a pawn by the United States against their then current enemy at that time which was Iran.

So often it is quoted how Saddam gassed his own people what is not talked about is that the United States government gave him the weaponry he used to quell domestic disturbances in his country however brutal his tactics our complicity in the acts cannot be ignored.

At the end of our last engagement after we had told the people of Iraq to rise up against Saddam and that we would help them we did not. His Generals’ met with our forces and asked if they could use armed helicopters as many of their roads had been destroyed in Iraq during the first conflict. Our leaders did not hesitate to grant the request and Saddam turned those gun ships on the people that the United States government had told to revolt, yet we never lifted a finger to help them so was our conduct during the first Gulf War.

In our unrivaled quest for control of this vast oil rich region of the world there are no rules, those that may be the United States allies today can become an axis of evil on a whim or a perceived slight against our interests in the never-ending quest to control the world’s oil resources by whatever means necessary.

It is so often stated that the United States it ridding the world of terrorism and tracking the dreaded Osama Bin Laden. Again it is never stated the if the United States of America had never built permanent Military installations in Saudi Arabia that Osama never would have developed his hatred for our country and the Twin Towers would still grace the New York skyline.

When Saddam and Osama were CIA puppets our government readily supplied them with munitions and intelligence, however when they started to think for themselves they became our enemies.

The reasons for the successes of the dreaded IED’s is the ease of access to a country awash with munitions courtesy of the United States government in it’s blood thirst for control of Middle Eastern oil and resources and there is no end in sight to the sheer mayhem the Bush administration is willing to unleash to control the vast oil reserves of the region, invade Iran sure why not?

The administration never even thought of finishing up in Afghanistan first which by the way over 50% of its landmass is now controlled by the dreaded Taliban in a country which supplies over 90% of the world’s heroin trade with their needed supplies.

So is it any wonder that a young man who lives in a country where life is lived by the moment and such precious life can be taken by the various religious sects or more than likely by the American liberators he decides to fight against the unwanted presence in his homeland.

Yes Diya Muhammad Hussein and others like him will build their bombs and plot to kill American soldiers however if one were to walk in this young mans shoes for only a moment in time would they still call him a terrorist.

Has he showered his countryside with Depleted Uranium shells with their deadly payload which has polluted his homeland for thousands of years to come? Are all of the children now born without limbs and horrific deformities at his bequest? Did he cast millions of his fellow citizens out into the cold world to be refugees?

No he is just a young confused teenager filled with hate for the United States of America and unfortunately there is no end in sight for him or for the brave young men and women of our armed forces who are dying and suffering needlessly in a far away land. Will mankind ever fulfill their thirst for power and control over others less fortunate?

I fear that George W Bush has unleashed a genie which will haunt this world and its people for more years than I will live upon this earth. I truly worry what his legacy of destruction will foretell for the youth of this world as if life in and of itself was not a difficult journey already.

How many more sixteen year olds like Diya Muhammad Hussein will Mr. Bush have created by the time this current conflict resolves or will the Middle East become a regional conflict inflicting more death and destruction courtesy of the United States government under the Bush administration.

I for one feel compassion for this young man as well as my countrymen who are suffering and dying in Iraq and the forgotten war in Afghanistan. I can only hope that soon sanity will come to the surface and our troops will be withdrawn and we will allow these poor people of Iraq to lick their wounds and rebuild their country which we have so destroyed with our precision guided missiles and technology.

The people of the Middle East have been fighting and dying for thousands of years and have proven themselves quite resilient in rebuilding their homelands. They do not need nor want the United States to give them any more help. We have already polluted their country and killed over 90,000 of its inhabitants and placed 3.2 million Iraqi citizens as refugees in their own country.

When will enough be enough, how many more have to die or be maimed, how many children must suffer needlessly to quench our thirst for Oil and economic gain.

The Muslim people are a peaceful tribe as are the Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Baptists adherents. It is only the fundamentalists of each religion we need fear and our President George W Bush believes he is following God’s direction, the poor delusional man.

I can only imagine that when Mr. Bush arrives at the pearly gates God will only ask him, “What in the hell were you thinking?” Then God will promptly pull the latch for the trapdoor and send George directly to hell to burn for eternity.

So during this time when many in America -whose inhabitants I am told are primarily Christian- go to church this Sunday think about praying for young men like Diya Muhammad Hussein as well as our soldiers in harms way overseas. Pray for a better world where greed is not the primary goal of our lawmakers and corporate citizens.

You might even say a prayer for Mr. Bush however I don’t think it will do him much good for the all empowering being in which he believes will know the truth and I don’t think he will want to forgive him.

Disclaimer: I wish no ill will towards the President of the United States of America or our soldiers overseas. Nor do I wish any misfortune upon the citizens of this once great land. I only wish that our government and its leaders would put the better of mankind ahead of greed and the race and thirst for power.

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