Now more Lies to come forth on Tower Seven’s 9-11 collapse

In a soon to be released investigation into the unbelievable collapse of tower number seven on 911 the so-called experts are going to explain to a gullible American public their so called truth.

This structure known as tower seven was a 47 story building which collapsed seven hours after the twin towers had already fallen. The building housed among others the Secret Service, the CIA, the Department of Defence and the Office of Emergency Management.

Although it was the only and the first steel skyscraper in the world which obstensibly collapsed due to a fire none of the evidence was kept for inspection. Of all the thousands of tons of steel not one piece of evidence was deemed worthy of safekeeping for further inspection.

The fact that the destruction of tower seven had made architectural history no one thought to hold on to any of it’s components. Those deciders who chose to dispose of the evidence knew there would be an investigation that no amount of political will could stop, so they did the next best thing they destroyed all the evidence.

The fact that tower number seven was never mentioned in the 911 commission final report some would find also troubling. Another government agency FEMA stated during May 2002 that the building collapsed because of numerous fires which they said were fed by diesel fuel stored in the structure. However even this fanciful explanation was quoted as being of only a low probability.

The fact that a groups of architects, engineers and scientists say the official explanation that fires caused the collapse is impossible. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth argue there must have been a controlled demolition.

This of course will all be dismissed by the upcoming report which will be sold to the American public hook line and sinker. The American media who no longer is willing to tell the truth will trot out the story and will not call it’s dubious findings into question for fear of being labeled anti-American.

They of course will tell us all exactly what happened even though all the evidence has been destroyed and that their 2 year investigation cannot be called into question.

So coming soon to a newspaper, television station or blog near you will be their pack of lies. You can keep believing them and the government, I on the other hand will choose not to as I prefer not to be a lemming.

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2 Responses to Now more Lies to come forth on Tower Seven’s 9-11 collapse

  1. thebigtooth says:

    So it’s a pack of lies, because of “low probability”?

  2. Ducker says:

    It sucks how your authorities lie…then again mine lie too…politicians suck.

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