A change of direction

My interest in disease, pathology and the medical profession has brought me to change the direction of my blog. In the near future I will begin  to attempt to educated the masses in this regard. To often patients do not know the right questions to ask or whom it is they should ask. So in my attempt to discuss the decline of medicine in the US and to be an advocate for patients I will now try to educate those who might benefit. While many patients needlessly suffer some for years before being properly diagnosed if only they knew of the proper resources to accelerate their care. Also many patients are subjected to medical testing which has no basis in regards to their treatment but is only done by their physicians for liability reasons. What rights does the patient have in a medical practice, what questions should they be asking and when is it time to get a new specialist or primary care doctor. We are now more connected to resources that will give us the information we seek my goal is to make others aware of where to turn and what to do.

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