Liposuction Dangers is it worth the risk

In two bordering counties in a southern US state five women died from Liposuction procedures in 2011 over a six month period. All of these women were in their thirties and early forties were there warning signs ahead of time?

In 2006 over four hundred thousand of these procedures were performed and complications have been reduced since the advent of this technique.

One women in particular went for this simple procedure however there were warning signs. The physician was not Board-Certified had switched specialties twice in their career and had only performed a general surgery residency over 25 years ago. This doctor also had no Privileges at Any of the local hospitals or any for that matter.

The staff also included a Nurse Practitioner and a receptionist however there was No Crash Cart on-site or the needed monitoring equipment.

What was to be a simple Liposuction procedure went dreadfully wrong as the patient went into an Acute Myocardial Infarction or heart attack. As the physician had No Lifesaving equipment or medications on hand 911 was called upon her arrival at a properly equipped ER twenty minutes later she was pronounced DOA.

All medical procedures carry associated risks however they can be mitigated with the proper staffing, equipment and training.

Early in my career I had the distinct opportunity of working with a very talented and experienced RN who was very aware of current trends in the field. She told of the untold physicians coming to my state and opening Internal medicine and Oncology practices. The reasons were simple their was Money to be made in these specialties the doctors realized this changed their specialty and they came to my state with a vengeance.

No matter that they had not practiced this specialty before, their medical license allowed them to be legally specialized whether they had the training or not it was that way over 25 years ago and it still is today. After completing their medical education a doctor can be a brain surgeon on Monday and a Cardiac (heart) surgeon on Tuesday that’s just the way it works, don’t believe me just check.

Many of these newly practicing specialists really were unsure of what they were doing there was and is money to be made if there is a large swath of patients to choose from in their new field. Calling upon a skilled surgeon in the specialty the night before the novice was to perform a procedure was a somewhat common practice. The nurses in the Operating room knowing that such and such surgeon was to operate that day which caused alarming concern. Oh know Dr. 123 is operating today we need to call for extra blood and plasma as this physician was well know as somewhat of a butcher a somewhat common occurrence thank God some nurses have a keen eye for these things. Yes these things occurred 25 years ago and they still happen today.

So before you undertake any cosmetic surgery including liposuction do your research and get at least two opinions. Are the doctors Board-Certified do they have the need monitoring equipment on hand? Is there a Crash Cart on the premise and are they close to a major metropolitan hospital or any hospital.

What type of liposuction are you going to have done there are different types with differing rates of complications, risks and outcomes.

How much and where on Your body is the procedure to be performed? Has the physician given you too high of an expectation on removal of fat tissue or adipose tissue. The America Society of Plastic Surgeons defines large as 5 liters or 8 1/2 pints. This is consider complex and possibly Life Threatening for large amounts of tissue do you really want to push it? While there are some reports of the removal of much larger masses of material I would hope you would not want to be that much of a risk taker, that is with your Life!

During your research you might wish to find out if an IV (Intravenous Line) is going to be inserted during your procedure. This is a Very Important component as this is a life line for life saving infusion of Live Saving drugs and fluids in case of an Emergency. Monitoring Equipment Cannot be Overemphasized during these types or other types of procedures. If you want to look or feel better about yourself it’s your right and no one says there is anything wrong with trying to improve yourself.

It’s just so important to do your homework are you a good candidate? Who is this doctor and what are his academic credentials are there any malpractice claims is he Board-Certified in the specialty in which you are going to have your procedure done? Is his or her Board-Certification Current every state in the USA has government websites where you can check on their status.

All physicians will recommend or encourage a patient getting a second opinion so why should you not go ahead and get two before hand more knowledge is Power.

Cosmetic surgery is growing by leaps and bounds in this country be forewarned read up on liposuction or whatever procedure you are having. Either at home on the net or at your local library it might be even better at the library or with a close confidant at your or their home.

I would STRESS Monitoring Equipment on Site, a Crash Cart, Proper Supplies of needed Emergency management materials drugs & fluids. Whenever having procedure be sure you are going to have a Line or IV line in you during the procedure this and a Crash Cart could be the difference between Life and Death.

Enjoy your life do what ever it is that makes you happy and if Liposuction is going to give that to you Great. Just do your research get Educated and Most Importantly Check out your Doctor.


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