There was a time…

There was a time when we truly cared for each other, it was not that long ago.

In this day and age most only care about the almighty dollar and our gas guzzling automobiles.

We live in homes which could shelter many, however they are occupied by only a few of our counterparts. In a land of 300 million, on a planet with approximately 7 billion inhabitants the U.S. consumes over a quarter of the world’s resources.

It is our right as citizens of the grand old USA, we no longer care or worry about the others on this planet. Our government tells us all we need to know and we follow them blindly into the night.

I for one do not care for this world, yes I can leave the US if I don’t like living here, but I choose not to leave.

However I am not proud to call myself an American anymore, there was a time not long ago when this would have been different for me. Please consider educating yourself outside of the so-called mainstream media you have the internet, well use it.

Also consider reading a book instead of watching the Reality-TV scripted with No Social value, your mind will thank you for it and society on the whole will be better served.

What is thought today can change tomorrow even small acts in our lives can have profound impacts on others. So rather than live in gloom and doom think of working for a better world no matter how small an impact you might think you will have, do something small and possibly work your way up.


Come on you read it, Write Something Please

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