Coral Reefs that hold 25% of Marine Species nearing Extinction

As if the effects of Global Warming have not gathered enough momentum to call for a concentrated comprehensive effort to tackle this challenge to human existence a recent research paper in the journal Science is adding to the plea for a call to action.

Coral reefs around the world have been in bad shape in recent years, however the article in the journal paints a much more dire picture for a most precious earthly resource. As many as one-third of the current world’s coral species may be headed for extinction.

The rise in the destructive path of these species has been attributed to destructive fishing boats as well as the Global Warming phenomenon.

Many species of marine life call these coral reefs home among them are sponges, lobsters, turtles, shrimp, sharks and commercially important fish.

A coral reef expert at Australia’s James Cook University Philip Munday has been quoted as calling the worlds coral reefs, “the rain forests of the ocean.”

Entire ecosystems are now being brought to the brink of extinction thanks to modern man and our quest for riches and power without regard to the rest of the worlds inhabitants.

There are glimmers of hope but they are  few and far between some reefs have been found to recover slightly when they are put off limits to fisherman. When this has occurred in certain areas it has been found that some large marines species fill in the gaps and this is a somewhat hopeful sign.

However the ability of the coral reefs to adapt to and be able to absorb the rapidly growing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is disheartening.

Man believes that he is at the top of the food chain and this may in fact be true for the time being. However if the other components of the food chain or destroyed and killed off by manmade byproducts then who knows what might be left?

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