Fox News? You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

First there was the study, “Fox News viewers less informed than those who don’t watch news at all” which started to hit the news wires on November 22, 2011. Farleigh Dickinson University conducted the study on 612 New Jersey natives. Needless to say those who were asked questions for the study did not fare well.

Dan Cassino a professor at the university was quoted as saying, “Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News. Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions that those who don’t watch any news at all.”

In regards to national and domestic news on current affairs those questioned struggled with events of current interest in the United States. Surprisingly to some, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was found to have a much more significant impact on educating viewers than Fox News.

This is somewhat ironic as the Daily Show is on Comedy Central however data doesn’t lie, a comedy station better educates the American public than a so-called news channel, Fox News, which is supposed to be Fair & Balanced.

The study also found that Fox News viewers would be better off not watching the news channel at all. As those who do not watch any television news are better educated on foreign and domestic news than those watching the so-called fair and balanced Fox news program.

Then there was the Tuesday November 29, 2011 appearance by Newt Gingrich a presidential hopeful at a town hall meeting. Just for clarity Mr. Gingrich was an employee of Fox News that is until around May 5th of this year, where he acted as an analyst (acted may be the operative word here).

During the conference an audience member asked a rather detailed question about the Obama AIDS policy and asked Gingrich for his opinion.

Mr. Gingrich replied, “One of the real changes that comes when you start running for President — as opposed to being an analyst on Fox — is I have to actually know what I’m talking about,” to which he added, “It’s a severe limitation”.

During the exchange at the town hall the audience member reportedly let out a Startled laugh with the audience members attending joining in with more laughter.

Also the most recent television ratings show that Fox News is losing more market share as other recent ratings have shown as well in recent history. They still have robust viewership that other networks would be envious of however maybe the American public is starting to catch on.

Back in 2004 a reporter wrote, “Relying on the Fox News Channel as your only source of news is like using MAD Magazine as a legitimate source of news”. Fox rather than relying on Journalism standards is nothing more than a presentation of a slanted, biased spin machine running a constant running commentary on how the country should view or feel about current events, the way they want them too.

Fox news with its splashy graphics and bottomless budget is really nothing more than an Entertainment versus news channel. Unfortunately too many Americans fail to see this and believe they are being presented with the news of the day.

With all of their fox news contributors that is until one of them doesn’t follow the stations directives and are never called upon again. The American public views these one-sided commentary segments as actual journalism which could not be further from the truth.

Journalism across the board has taken a hit in quality and standards with the advent of the 24hr news cycle no one can argue with that point.

Hopefully more former employees of the fox network will come forth with more truths about this propaganda machine. And finally maybe the American public will come to realize the difference between entertainment and Real News programs.

I firmly believe fox news is nothing more than an entertainment channel that I Never watch as I learn much more from reading if only the American viewing public can come to this thought process our Country will be better for it in the end.

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Reality Television (the dumbing down of the US) hopefully it will end soon

How many times can one watch a truck driver operate their rig or a fisherman fish, no matter where in the world this may occur. Or how many trees can one see cut down and hauled away,  sensationalized serialized so-called reality dramas of already wealthy Americans. Or soon to wealthy if they market themselves well enough. How many talent shows and singing contests can be viewed, do I really care how some spoiled brats live their lives on other shows,,,,NO.

PBS’s “Roadshows” taught us intelligent facts about antiques along with historical facts. Yet we are now offered to watch a series of shows that show a lesser quality product with little or no educational fulfillment.

All of these so-called reality shows are scripted and hand-fed to the viewer in small scoops. Networks continue to draw advertising dollars with extremely small production costs and this is then sold to us as entertainment. To them it can only be excitement, “Wow look at this crap we are putting on here and these people cannot get enough of it, look at all thee money were making, let’s raise the rates to our advertisers these people will watch Anything”.

I question if and when the citizens of this country will eventually tire of this period of the dumbing down of America watching the self indulgent prance in front of the camera doing the bidding of their masters as the hold them by the leash. Whatever will these broadcasters do when they have to again begin to broadcast television programs of some substance.

I can watch one or two shows about truck drivers, however that is my limit I’ve already reached my saturation point. Do I really want to watch a television show about some deceased or to broke to pay their storage fees and find out what junk they have stashed away for years upon years. The answer is I can’t and the saddening part is everyday more of these so called entertainment shows are put on the air.

I can get in the truck and drive down to the decrepit crime ridden areas of my local city and check out a pawnshop. Where those down on their luck will try to sell or take out a loan on (to them) sentimental objects so they can pay next weeks rent. However do I really want to watch that on television, Uh NO I Don’t.

Fortunately if I want to watch someone build a great custom motorcycle I have friends who own motorcycle shops where I can watch the real thing happen. It’s not glamorous or particularly engaging I might last 20 minutes every few weeks or so. Yet I really don’t feel the need to watch this on television.

It’s really kind of hard to find anymore good programming on television anymore. Someone is snatched from anonymity placed in front of a camera told what to say, when to get mad, happy etc. Also Magically the whole little show fits perfectly into a set time-line and the spontaneous events of people’s lives are captured on camera for broadcast and rebroadcast over and over again,it’s just magical (extreme emphasis on Sarcasm) . Did I say Spontaneous my bad I should have said Scripted down to each and every word. Yet someone tries to sell this inferior product as though this is how all of these people act.

Automobile advertising is all practiced again and again camera angles, lighting, scenic shots, enticing sounds are captured and then there are numerous rehearsals before the money shot is caught on film. There right on your television is an engaging commercial for 30 seconds or so I can accept that honesty. To expect anything different from other broadcast media in my opinion is to buy into fantasy that’s really not worth watching. I can get more action going down to the interstate during rush hour and watch commuters, now that is Real Life.

I remember and still see to this day see musicians struggling everyday to pay the bills and work their way up the entertainment ladder. Somehow others just have their hand stamped, “STAR” music is written for them studio musicians make them sound great. If they are off key a pitch trans-poser and some re-verb will fix things right up with a few other special effects thrown in. Yea those are albums/DVDs that I want to download and listen too,,,,I DONT THINK SO!

The list goes on and on when will people stop watching this dribble and tell their broadcasters to put on some engaging entertaining programming.

Hopefully America will wake up realize they are being conned and either tune into real television with Actors, Writers, Directors, Camera-persons, Grips etc. Either that or maybe they will just turn off their televisions and get a life instead of trying to live vicariously a life they will never have, by the way books are much more entertaining then most of the programming seen today.

So Please think about it you are Smarter then people are giving you credit for right?

FAIR USE NOTICE: This blog may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This material is distributed without profit.

“Law and Order”, the Media continues to Destroy and Distort American Jurisprudence

Via the many television shows in America today the ones that draw many viewers are the brand of so-called law and order shows.

However rather than show how the laws of the US should be interpreted and used they dramatize how to Abuse the law and how it is abused within our legal system. Nightly many US citizens watch these television shows and applaud how they rid the streets of our country of criminals who are the scourge of society. They implant in us that abuse of the law by those who are called to enforce it is to be commended not that it is an appalling abuse of the criminal justice system on which this country was founded. Read more of this post

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