Barack Obama the personification of what America needs now more than ever

Barack Obama, is not the atypical moneyed politically connected name often found in the American political experience. While definitely an American born on Hawaiian soil in 1961 his life has been one of challenges that he took on and fought with tears and sweat as he climbed the ladder to success against the odds as he was an African American born into this country so rife with prejudice.

But some might say don’t bring up the fact of his African American heritage and prejudice in the USA what do you think you are taking about. Well I personally felt the vile disgusting racism found in Florida during 1964 when my own sister was literally kicked out of the State of Florida for the simple fact that she chose to date men of African American decent. So I feel as though I have a right to speak of such things as racism and again to bring up the hateful disgusting past of our great country, but my family issues with racism are another story.

Barack did not allow the color of his skin to stop him from attaining the American dream or the fact that his father abandoned his family when this young man was of the ripe old age of two. He was only to see his father one more time before his untimely death in 1982 in a car accident.

Nor did he rest on his laurels when he lost his mother to ovarian cancer in 1995 when he was just 34yrs of age.

Yes this young man has seen and lived through a life and triumphed where many would have wilted away. Even with all of the rocks and stones that life has dealt this man he did not turn to alcohol or drugs no he fought back with hard work to fulfill his dreams.

His life has been one of hardships combined with tenacity and humility working his way up from the bottom with a unique ability to communicate his ideas and ideals. He found many who even at a young age found him mesmerizing while they laid more challenges at this young man’s feet that fascinated them with his knowledge and grit.

While saddened by the lost of his mother to cancer this incident also gave him a unique insight and understanding and a compassionate realization that many others of his age would not understand. For the 43 million uninsured Americans in this country here is a man who will understand their plight.

His collegiate beginnings were those found by the average American who does not come from the upper class as Barack Obama’s humble origins in education at Occidental College a small private coeducational liberal arts college located in Los Angeles, California.

After two years at this educational facility Mr. Obama transferred to Columbia University in New York where he majored in Political Science and specialized in International relations. The course of study taken by this student would bode well for this country as I for one would want to have a man in our most prestigious office who had a thorough understanding of international relations at a time in our American history when just such a man is in dire need if we are to return to any sense of normalcy with our international brethren.

After four years in New York this young man moved to Chicago and worked with a community organizing position for 3 years where he was the director for a church based outreach program which was affiliated with eight Catholic parishes.

So here is a man who could have chosen various paths yet he saw a need to help the community and he worked with the Catholic diocese to fulfill that need. Yet there are those who call this mans religion into question while he had no political inclinations at this time he was just a young man helping the community with a partnership with the Catholic church, doesn’t sound like he was a Muslim to me. Nor does there seem to be any reason to call into question his religious beliefs.

While he was the director his staff increased from one to thirteen and its budget increased from $70,000 to $400,000. During this time period Barack was credited with setting up a job training program as well as a college preparatory program with an emphasis on tutoring young students. He also began a tenant’s rights organization all of the aforementioned accomplishments speak well of this young man of humble origins.

Also presiding and ending in 1992 Barack Obama directed the Illinois Project Vote. This was a voter registration drive it contained a staff of 10 with 700 volunteers that achieved a goal of registering 150,000 of 400,000 unregistered African Americans in the state a very challenging and positive task indeed. This task if taken alone would speak volumes of any man who was interested in the political process and involving all the people that it would affect, the American dream comes to mind.

Here is a man who believes in his religion and does not just talk about it he really does something with it and dives in into the task with a resolve that should be praised by one and all. Rather than sitting back at a law firm or some fortune 500 company living the good life and scorning the poor he does something to give back to society. If only more Americans would exhibit these characteristics this country would be the better for it.

Following his early collegiate career and his work with the Catholic diocese in 1998 he entered Harvard Law School. After only a year at Harvard he was selected to be the editor of the law review based on his grades and a writing competition. During only his second year at this prestigious institution he was elected to be the president of the law review. This was a full-time volunteer position functioning as editor-in-chief and supervising the law review’s staff of 80 editors.

A full time volunteer position while attending a very academically challenging institution this speaks volumes about this mans drive and determination. His election to this position in February of 1990 as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review drew many accolades and was reported widely with many detailed profiles of this young man.

Barack Obama went on to teach constitutional law for twelve years at the University of Chicago Law School. Rather than drawing on his prestigious educational past and his academic excellence he again stepped into helping society rather than taking the easy path, his interests were not in making a million dollars here or there far from that he was to take the noble path which was to help his fellow Americans realize the American dream.

His chosen path was to join a twelve attorney law firm which specialized in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development.

The list goes on and on in his private life before politics here was a man who cared greatly for his church as well as all the people of this great nation and he spoke volumes with actions just not words. Reading of Barack Obamas beginnings should instill in all Americans what the American dream should be, one of hard work coupled with compassion and caring for all our citizens no matter whatever their socioeconomic status might say.

Mr. Obama is not a socialist nor is he a Muslim he is only a realist who is the personification of what all Americans should aspire to be, through all his trials and tribulations Barack has never forgotten the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers.

Nor has he forgotten about the less fortunate in this country of over 300 million, rather than having the mindset of I have mine forget about you he takes the more honorable path that life is short and should be less than being obsessed with money and power. One should aspire to leave on the planet a life full of accomplishments coupled with kindness and compassion for the less fortunate.

However most of our countries powerful elitists must be dealt with as well and he has shown his ability work with these powerful monopolies of power quite well during his career.

As far as his lack of international understanding let’s take a look at that piece of disinformation being written about by many who do not have a true interest in reforming and rebuilding America as we know it as they only wish to keep the status quo without regard to the consequences.

To their way of thinking let the poor starve and those without medical insurance can just suffer and die. To the less fortunate whose chances at attaining the American dream are out of reach, well just let them continue to fill our jails and streets.

Those who believe in maintaining the status quo only care about money and controlling the vast resources of the world and its countries they do not wish to sit idly by when they can fabricate a story and take the resource they need anyhow and anyway they chose. To hell with the consequences for the people that are subjugated into untold poverty and suffering for you see they also control the media who might report on less than honorable schemes.

However, thankfully Barack Obama has shown through his actions as well as his words that thank God he has a higher moral compass than the current administration. He has also shown that while he understands corporate America must make a profit, he also understand that as well that ruthlessness cannot and will not be tolerated.

As for Barack’s experience with international politics and his understanding of its nuances which are attached, his meeting in official trips to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as well as his trips during August 2005, when he traveled to Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan give him an insight not experienced by many. This is also coupled with his meetings with U.S. military in Kuwait and Iraq in January 2006, during this time he also meet and visited in Jordan, Israel, and as well in the Palestinian territories.

I for one would have to say that his understandings of International issues makes him more than qualified to delve into these issues as our President as he has more foreign policy understanding than his predecessor George W Bush who had NO foreign policy experience or travel prior to his election as our president much to the dismay of the world at large as his presidency has shown with all of it’s glaring repercussions.

On the home front Barack Obama has not shown a predilection to circumvent our US laws as Mr. McCain has in for instance his involvement with the Keating five a political influence scandal during the 1980s. Nor he shown the ability to cut and run by ditching his wife who had put on a few pounds while John was away during his capture after downing his 5th airplane.

Well John ditched her to marry into money and further his political ambitions this speaks to the character of one John McCain not Barack Obama. Mr. Obama walked the walk and talked the talk he is not a man who will take the easy way out he will stand by his convictions unlike others.

No Barack married Michelle Robinson who was born in Chicago, Illinois to Frasier Robinson (who died in 1990), a city water plant employee and Democratic precinct captain, and Marian Robinson, a secretary at Spiegel’s catalog store.

Not allot of money there just true love and devotion and like minded ideas. You see in Michelle humble beginnings as well and with these humble beginnings you also see a woman who understands the plight of most of the Americans who inhabit this great land.

Michelle Robison graduated from Whitney Young High School in 1981 and went on to major in sociology and minor in African American studies at Princeton University. Her early academic studies don’t point to a woman who was interested in fame and fortune. Her studies do point to a woman who was interested in the human race and her heritage. Even during the Presidential campaign she has made it a priority not to spend too much time away from their two young daughters, Malia Ann (born 1998) and Natasha (known as Sasha) (born 2001)

Michelle is no slouch when it comes to education and is a very well spoken and articulate woman who again did not come from a moneyed past yet climbed up the ladder as did her husband.

She is a Catholic like her husband and has shown a devotion to her religion throughout her life. In May 2006, Essence magazine listed her among “25 of the World’s Most Inspiring Women.” In July 2007, Vanity Fair magazine listed her among “10 of the World’s Best Dressed People.” In September 2007, 02138 magazine listed her 58th of “The Harvard 100,” a list of the prior year’s most influential Harvard alumni.

The further you delve into the prospective Presidential candidate and his wife the further you are comforted that what America needs and needs right now are these two educated articulate individuals if we are ever to attain again are stature in the world.

Rather than be perceived as a country that is hell bent on unilaterally actions which benefit the US only and the hell with the rest of the world we need Barack and Michelle Obama to bring back the United States into the 21st Century.

Yes the United States has seen its legacy being hijacked by powerful moneyed groups who only care for taking the worlds riches for their political and monetary gains. The world in which we live in now has seen the full fledged sub-contracting of government services outsourced to politically connected firms with no bid sweetheart deals while our nation suffers and the youth of our country are saddled with a debt they will not be able to or capable of paying back.

With Barack and Michelle Obama we can take the higher road and do what is right for our own citizens and the world at large. Barack is a confirmed Catholic born on American soil; no he did not serve the armed forces as there was really no pressing need for him to have served at the time.

I for one would rather have a self made man with educational and international credits to his name running this country rather than an opportunist hell bent on furthering the dangerous policies of George W Bush to the detriment to this country and worlds citizens at large.

So while being an independent voter I will proudly vote for Barack Obama during the upcoming elections and will pray that the rest of American see’s the truth about this great man. For I believe he is the best hope America as well as the world for the future of our deepening political crisis that await in the present as well as the future.

As our country suffers because of the ever present and mounting costs of our far flung imperialist conquests across the globe in Afghanistan and Iraq while the cost keep growing day by day. While thousands lose the American dream thanks to lax banking oversight and banks and brokerage houses are having to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve. As a barrel of oil will soon attain $200 a barrel we as a nation need a President who will bring us back to reality and attempt to rebuild this great nation.

We need a leader who will not fabricate another needless war and expect our children to pay for it. Those 42 million uninsured who are suffering and dying daily need someone to help them. Our Congressional officers need to begin to serve the citizens of the United States for to long they have only served the interests of the corporations that control our country and by extension our lives. I am willing to bet on the man who has made it on his own who has shown he has principles to bring us back from the brink of extinction.

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    Beautiful. Well said.

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