On Monday President Bush submitted his latest request for the many wars and spy programs

On Monday President Bush submitted his latest request for the many wars and spy programs he has on his plate to the tune of a paltry $46 billion dollars!

This brings the total monetary requests for the annual budget year beginning October 1st to $196.4 billion for the continuing debacles in Iraq, Afghanistan and the departments of State and Defense. The Defense Department will receive $189.3 billion and the State Department will garner $6.9 billion of the requested funding. Read more of this post


Middle Eastern Peace Process Summit to occur in November

The countries of the European Union, Russia and the USA as well as the United Nations have agreed to include Saudi Arabia, Syria as well as ten Arab League members to the summit. How kind of them to invite those who would be most affected by the peace talks as they are being called.

The talks are being put forth to find an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, however these talks would not have been necessary if in 1948 the world’s superpowers after World War II had not carved up the Middle East so horribly in the first place for political and economic gains.

Condoleezza Rice stated that the Arab nations are as she calls them “natural invitees” but said they would have to renounce violence. Think of it the United States telling others to renounce violence as they have invaded and are still at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the realm of reality how could anyone take Condoleezza Rice seriously? And how does she have the gall to make such statements with the way the US government is acting in this day and age, especially in the Middle East? Read more of this post

Saddam Hussein gassed his own people with Anthrax compliments of the USA

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The USA’s contribution to Iraq’s so called weapons of mass destruction and more!

So often in political speeches on Iraq it is brought up how Saddam Hussein gassed his own people. What is not talked about in these speeches is that the USA supplied him with many of these chemical agents of which he used to kill innocent Iraqi citizens as well as many Iranians. Read more of this post

Afghanistan & Iraq Lost almost a Trillion dollars spent, when will you wake up?

On the cover of an American magazine with the title “Losing Afghanistan” to be released October 2, 2007, the truth of this lost war is relayed. Of course this is the European cover in the USA a different cover will be released about the pictures taken of an American actor’s daughter and the life of the photographer. There is no need to tell the citizens of the USA the truth, just feed them trivial news that’s all they need. Read more of this post

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